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HOW to Order:

-look around the shop for your favorite item

-send me an email to Arok_1@hotmail.com with your special requests (i will get back to you shortly after)

chlorinating, and ‘permanent wet’-look is available for all non-white items

most of the items are not in stock and will be custom made for you

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Actualy commission list :

  1. Open REV , Sergal Gasmask , Sergal Feet 19.01.2022
  2. Open Sam (Pony Gasmask , small Hooves) 95%
  3. Open Zorr and Ziggy (Pony Hooves Big) 0%
  4. Open Slas (Pony Gasmask , Handhooves) 55%
  5. Open MAZ (Bull Mask with markings) 25%
  6. Open Thunder (Pony Fullsuit) 5%
  7. Bluetail S. (Pony Hooves XXL) 70%
  8. Blackdog (Pony hooves big) 0%
  9. Michael F. (Anubis) (85%)
  10. Orthank ( Black/blue Minotaur hooves) 95%
  11. Priority Slot (+20% of the total costs): (15%) @Takumori (Dragon Feet, Dogo Feet)

Waiting List: (i contact you if a Slot is possible but after 4 Weeks with no Reply i cancel the slot for others)

  1. Benjamin J. (Pony Hooves Big) 19.01.2022
  2. Red Fox (Dog Feet)
  3. Renn the Acute Derpy Dergen ( Dragon V0 Mask + Hands + Feet )
  4. VinceSprings (Dragon Feet)
  5. Torui , 3 pair dragon feet + 1 pair dog feet 21.12.2021
  6. Jessie (Dog Feet)
  7. Doricore (Anubis Mask –Only Latex Mask: × 2Sergal Mask V2 –Nothing: × 1Draco –Nothing: × 1Minotaur Mask –Mask without glases: x 1Kobold Feet –a Pair: × 1Simple Dog Forepaw –Pair: × 1)
  8. @Pasta_Aquilla (Dragon Feet)
  9. @o0cacoto0o ( Dragon Feet)
  10. @LatexDragon (4x Dragon Feet)
  11. Priority Slot (this Slot chaged automatic to the Priority Commission Slot if they whas free): Aced (Dog Feet)